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Get Started with GreenStar Schools

For Teachers

Bring fun and educational action projects into your classroom. Engage your students in addressing real environmental issues at your school and in their community through Student Action Projects. 

Use this GSS website to find action projects and tools that reduce CO2 emissions and help get your classroom GSS certified.

Once your classroom has completed an action project, you use the GSS website to create a project report to share what your class learned and determine how much CO2 was saved by your project.

To get started, please signup your classroom so you can proudly showcase your classroom on the GSS website leaderboard.



For Schools

Looking for ways to motivate your students toward actions that are better for the environment? Green Star Schools allows campuses to record their energy, water, and waste metrics, and report on special projects that translate into carbon emission savings. Issue project challenges to classrooms to raise the bar in your classroom and your district. Reach out to community sponsors for competitions that reward and educate.

Thank you for helping to spread the word about this program and getting your teachers and classrooms involved.



For Districts

The Green Star Schools program invites District Administrators to enroll their districts’ schools in the Green Star Schools program.

The Green Star Schools program honors, supports, and recognizes the important work that teachers, schools, and districts are doing to advance environmental sustainability and to create healthy and vibrant learning communities that enhance academic performance.  The program fosters intellectual growth, creativity, and innovation as students learn about environmental issues and take action to reduce their school’s environmental footprint.

This website provides resources to help teachers and students find ways to reduce their classrooms’ and schools’ environmental footprints and to calculate the impact of student and teacher classroom actions on greenhouse gas emissions- measured as CO2 equivalents. Teachers will be able to post details of student action projects and share and compare their results with other classrooms, schools and districts in the program.

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