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Earn recognition for your school by taking action through
the Green Stars Schools environmental pathways.

Browse Action Tools and Other Resources for ideas on how to evaluate and improve your school’s footprint.

Waste Reduction and Recycling School Certification

Complete all five steps to earn certification in this pathway. To complete each step, download the form below the step, fill it out, and save as a pdf. Then, upload the pdf to this webpage using the upload button for the relevant step. GSS staff will review your uploaded form and notify you when it has been approved and when you have earned certification.

GSS School Certification Steps for San Mateo Schools
How-To Guide

Action Tools

Action Tools are easy to use, step-by-step calculators that allow your students to learn about the total impacts of resource consumption. Tools can be used as in-class exercises, or at home.

GSS School Product and Purchasing Calculator Icon

GSS School Product and Purchasing Calculator


GSS School District Recycling Calculator Icon

GSS School District Recycling Calculator


Other Resources

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