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Action Project:

Organics Collection (Commercial Composting) Program

Brief Description of the Project

Students set up an organics collection program in the cafeteria and/or lunch areas.

Full Project Description

Students request organic collection carts or bins from the local hauler. With the assistance of RecycleWorks and /or the hauler a system is implemented for collecting organics in the cafeteria and/or lunch areas. This could involve the following:  labeling the organic collection bins or carts with graphics depicting what should be placed inside the bin and pairing the organic collection bins adjacent to trash cans. Additionally, teams of students from the classroom can monitor the bins during lunch for one week. During the monitoring process these students can inform their peers about the new organics collection program and in which bin to place the various waste (items) generated during lunch. For example, soiled paper can be placed in the organics bin, water bottles can be placed in the recycling bin, and wrappers can be placed in the garbage bin. For assistance with setting up your schools organics collection program contact

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