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Action Project:

CRV Bottles and Cans Recycling Program

Brief Description of the Project

Students set up a California Redemption Value (CRV) bottles and cans (B&C) recycling program.

Full Project Description

Students label bins for the collection of CRV B&C. Students place those bins adjacent trash cans throughout campus in the lunch areas or where students congregate during breaks / recess on campus.  Students place the bins in their classrooms or outside their classroom for the collection of CRV B&C.

Students also collect CRV B&C from friends and family at home and at school and deposit them in classroom CRV B&C bin. After a certain volume B&C are collected. Students separate the following: aluminum cans, plastic water bottles, and glass bottles in one bag or bin. A parent volunteer brings the collected CRV B&C to a CRV buy-back center. Cash earned from this program can be used to fund classroom environmental field trips or equipment for the school garden, etc.

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