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Action Project:

Student-led Lessons and Presentations

Brief Description of the Project

Students teach each other or others lessons related to water. Students perform a skit, puppet show, or other type of educational entertainment related to water.

Full Project Description

In small groups or individually, students will research or study teacher-provided materials about water conservation, water quality, watersheds, and/or fresh water scarcity. Students will develop a brief lesson and/or entertainment activity about their water topic, and will perform for an audience of classmates, other students, or community members.


The following are a few example resources for information that students can use when developing their lessons and/or entertainment presentations. For more resources, please visit the Resources Guide on the Water Pathway page on the Green Star Schools website:

  • The US Geological Survey Water Science School offers a Water Basics page which includes sections about water properties and class activities.
  • H2O for Life offers a Safewater Science series of classroom lessons that focus on student exploration of water quality, and also cover Common Core Standards. Students may study and teach each other these lessons, provided appropriate materials and guidance from the teacher.

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