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Action Project:

Watershed Education Program

Brief Description of the Project

Students may create signs/posters/brochures/pamphlets about local creeks and the local watershed path to the San Francisco Bay or Pacific Ocean; students may post them in hallways on bulletin boards or hand them out to parents/guardians/the community. Students may make or experiment with a watershed model.

Full Project Description

Students learn about or research the sources and outlets of, and/or issues facing, the local creeks and watershed. Students will use that information to create signs like a map or infographic, or informational material like a pamphlet, to display around the school or hand out to educate other students, staff, and the community. This project may be done in groups or individually.   


With guidance from and materials provided by the teacher, students will build a watershed model that demonstrates how water flows within it and how the built environment can lead to contamination of the watershed. Students then share this model with each other or other classes to educate about watersheds. The US Environmental Protection Agency offers a Build Your Own Watershed lesson intended for students in grades 8-12, as well as other hands-on water-related lessons for all grade levels.

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