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Action Project:

Field Trip and Take Action

Brief Description of the Project

Students take a field trip to, or research, their local waste water treatment plant or a nearby preserve or refuge. Students take action based on what they learn.

Full Project Description

Teachers contact their local waste water treatment facility (this list may be outdated) to arrange an age-appropriate facility tour for their class. Teachers may also contact the park staff of a local wildlife preserve or refuge to arrange a guided visit for their class that focuses on the impact of environmental pollution on the water, and thus wildlife, in the park/refuge/preserve. For example, the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge offers a popular field trip program for all grades.


Students take notes and/or complete a worksheet during the tour, and follow this field trip by researching and reporting on one interesting aspect of the trip. Students take action by educating others about what they have learned via posters, announcements, classroom presentations, etc.

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