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Mrs. Stevenson’s 5th Grade certified

  • 32 Students
  • 1 report(s)
  • 2,414 lbs CO2e saved

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Step 3: Complete the Action Projects identified in your Action Plan (must do at least one)

Clean greens composting to school garden

Mrs. Stevenson’s 5th Grade

Ortega Elementary


Clean greens composting to school garden

June 6 2019

Our class took clean greens from the school's salad bar every day and compsted them in the garden.


Over the course of the year, we took around 12.5 lbs/wk of organics to the school  garden compost bins. Over the course of the year, we were able to compost 462.5 lbs of organics from the waste stream.


Organic collection to backyard compost

250 Pounds of Compostables Diverted from School Waste Stream between August 21st 2018 and June 7th 2019
Results: 2,414 lbs CO2e emmissions avoided


Composting from the Cafeteria salad bar!

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