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Lomita Park Elementary School

n/a students     3 classrooms participating     251 lbs CO2e saved     0 reports

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Post Classroom Assessment

June 5 2017

The class did the post-assessment and report (attached)


Plastic containers are now being recycled in the classroom and during snacktime outside.



8 gallons of waste per week until end of school year diverted from entering the trash can because of recycling. (8 gallons per week x 11 weeks = 88 gallons diverted).

88 Gallons of Mixed solid waste diversion between March 24th 2017 and June 9th 2017
Results: 101 lbs CO2e emmissions avoided

10 gallons of mixed recyclables recycled in the classroom per week until the end of the school year. (11 weeks x 10 gallons per week = 110 gallons)

110 Gallons of Mixed recycling between March 24th 2017 and June 9th 2017
Results: 37 lbs CO2e emmissions avoided

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