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Arundel Elementary

n/a students     1 classrooms participating     320 lbs CO2e saved     0 reports

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Post Classroom Assessment

June 13 2017

The class did the post-assessment (attached).



Paper recycling has increased in the classroom. Additionnally, students are now collecting paper towels for commercial composting. 



160 gallons of waste per week until end of school year diverted from entering the trash can because of recycling. (8 gallons per week x 20 weeks = 160 gallons diverted).

160 Gallons of Mixed solid waste diversion between June 1st 2017 and June 15th 2017
Results: 183 lbs CO2e emmissions avoided

400 gallons of paper is being recycled in the classroom per week until the end of the school year. (20 weeks x 20 gallons per week = 400 gallons)

400 Gallons of Mixed recycling between January 2nd 2017 and June 14th 2017
Results: 136 lbs CO2e emmissions avoided

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