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George Hall Elementary

n/a students     1 classrooms participating     25,741 lbs CO2e saved     0 reports

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George Hall Waste Diversion Results Step 4

June 10 2020

Jaguars join th CO2 emissions reduction train!


Unfortunately, a formal waste audit was not conducted at this site, so the estimates here will be based on visual photos, school population and comparable data from SMFCSD. 

Number of students at George Hall: 432

Average number of days waste fully sorted at lunch: 2 days per week

Waste sorting started/ended: September 2019

Number of weeks waste sorted: 22 weeks

Total days waste sorted: 44 

Percent diversion rate for comparable school: 60%

Average pounds sent to landfill post-sorting:  45 pounds daily

Average pounds sent to compost post-sorting: 51 pounds daily

Average pounds liquids diverted from landfill: 16 pounds daily

Average pounds recyclables (excluding classroom paper and cardboard recycling) diverted from landfill: 2 pounds daily



Lunchtime Recycling only

88 Pounds of Recyclables Diverted from School Waste Stream between September 23rd 2019 and March 13th 2020
Results: 246 lbs CO2e emmissions avoided

Food waste, trays and liquid waste combined

2,640 Pounds of Compostables Diverted from School Waste Stream between October 14th 2019 and March 13th 2020
Results: 25,495 lbs CO2e emmissions avoided


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