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North Shoreview Montessori

n/a students     15 classrooms participating     286 lbs CO2e saved     1 reports

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Step 4: Do a Follow-up Assessment and Report on the actions taken by your class to conserve resources and reduce C02e

Water Conservation Campaign and Reporting Leaks + Faucets without Aerators

North Shoreview Montessori

San Mateo-Foster City

Water Conservation Campaign and Reporting Leaks + Faucets without Aerators

August 5 2016

The C02e reduction due to water conservation was based on the energy it takes to deliver the water and treat the water from the school faucets. Reduction of water use was based on students turning off the faucet (water) while they were washing their hands. This action translates to energy saved and CO2e reduced.


1. Students performed energy, water and waste assessments of their classroom.
2. Students created and posted signage reminding fellow students to turn off lights, put electronics to sleep, turn faucets off while in use, recycle, and compost.
3. Students implemented an organics collection (compost) bin into their classroom.
4. Students reported leaks and faucets without aerators to campus custodian.   
5. Students reviewed actions taken in school with one another and celebrated those actions taken during Earth Day. 


1 kiloWatt hours of Water between April 15th 2013 and June 7th 2013
Results: 1 lbs CO2e emmissions avoided

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